11 may 2023

Improve your Tactical Chess: Clasical Miniatures


Nuestro profesor Jacobo Caselas ha publicado en Amazón la edición en inglés del libro de táctica, dedicado a las miniaturas (partidas de menos de 20 jugadas).

In this book you will find the best chess miniatures (games of 20 moves or less) from the classical period (before 1900). Throughout the book, starting with the games of "Greco" and taking us through the immortal games of players like Morphy, you can try to find the winning moves through more than 300 chess challenges.

This book is ideal for both instructors looking for tactical material for their students and for players looking to improve their dynamic play. The games are extensively annotated with diagrams and questions at key moments.

International Master Jacobo Caselas (2400 Elo Fide) has spent years dedicated to the training and preparation of promising young players. The author has published books dedicated to learning the earliest stages of the game as "Initiation to Chess: Chess Manual for beginners and coaches" and to the strategy in Chess as the two volumes of "Train your strategic game". With this book, oriented towards tactics and dynamism, the author expands and complements his journey through the didactics of Chess. The author has always considered that miniatures have a high didactic value, improving our tactical ability and enhancing our sense of development and dynamism.